Aviation consulting, auditing, training and resources company.

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Specialises in providing quality recruitment, employment and people management services and advice.


Specialises in project management, airline/charter/flight training start up ops, SMS design/implementation and aviation documentation.


Specialises in providing quality auditing services by highly experienced personnnel.


Provides quality training services across a multitude of areas including, safety management, CRM, HF/NTS and SEP training.

There are many advantages of utilising Altara Auditing services including:

  • Access to an extensive team of highly experienced Evaluators, Lead Auditors and Auditors on an as needed basis.
  • Eliminating the need to employ dedicated or full time audit personnel, therefore providing cost efficiencies to client organisations.
  • Ensuring efficient use of resources by only paying for subject matter experts as required.
  • Cost effective and time efficient use of expert personnel, allowing current company personnel to continue managing the business.
  • Providing resource flexibility to client organisations as they change and grow, by allowing clients to easily adjust their quality and audit functions in accordance with their business plans.
  • Enabling efficient management and delivery of client quality assurance programmes, utilising qualified subject matter experts.