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Specialises in providing quality recruitment, employment and people management services and advice.


Specialises in project management, airline/charter/flight training start up ops, SMS design/implementation and aviation documentation.


Specialises in providing quality auditing services by highly experienced personnnel.


Provides quality training services across a multitude of areas including, safety management, CRM, HF/NTS and SEP training.

Altara’s Auditing Department assists organisations from general aviation and airlines through to aerodromes and global regulatory authorities to achieve their quality assurance objectives.

Altara Auditing offers specifically tailored auditing services to suit the individual needs of each client. These services include:

1. Quality and Safety Auditing, including the following types of audits:
  • Operational, (Flight, Cabin, Ground, Cargo Security, Aerodrome)
  • Maintenance/Engineering,
  • Organisation and Management Systems.
2. Providing outsourced quality assurance programmes

This includes the provision of extended audit capability to a client’s current audit programmes (i.e. supplying additional auditors to supplement an organisations audit team) through to full audit programme management (i.e. fulfilling the role of the Quality Assurance Manager for an organisation).

Extended audit capability to client’s current audit programmes:

Under this programme Altara will supply qualified auditors specialising in the discipline being assessed (i.e. ground handling, cargo, flight, network, engineering, cabin operations, safety, security, etc) on call, whenever required.

The Altara audit team is able to work with our clients Quality Assurance Manager to ensure that the delivery of internal and external supplier audits meets company and regulatory requirements.

Under this type of arrangement, the client maintains responsibility for the overall management of the audit programme, with Altara delivering audits and the associated reports on an as needed basis.

Benefits of this programme include:

  • Savings on payroll costs by only paying for the services of an auditor when required.
  • Ensuring efficient use of resources by only paying for subject matter experts as required.
  • Providing resource flexibility to client organisations as they change and grow by allowing clients to easily adjust their quality and audit functions in accordance with their business plans.

Full Audit Programme Management:

Under this programme, Altara is responsible for all aspects of the clients quality assurance programme, including the programme management, audit planning and delivery, audit reporting, follow up and close out.

Under this programme clients do not need to appoint any quality assurance personnel internally, as all functions required to support a fully operational, compliant and efficient programme are completed by Altara.

Benefits of this programme include:

  • Enabling efficient management and delivery of client quality assurance programmes, utilising qualified subject matter experts.
  • Integrating with client’s current management systems for ease and efficiency.
  • Savings on payroll costs by only paying for the services of a Quality Assurance Manager and audit personnel when required.