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Specialises in providing quality recruitment, employment and people management services and advice.


Specialises in project management, airline/charter/flight training start up ops, SMS design/implementation and aviation documentation.


Specialises in providing quality auditing services by highly experienced personnnel.


Provides quality training services across a multitude of areas including, safety management, CRM, HF/NTS and SEP training.


This two day entry level programme is designed for aviation organisations looking to outsource their CRM/HF and NTS Training as minimum numbers apply.The programme is not offered to individuals. The programme provides an introduction to participants to essential crew resource management and human factors concepts. The programme identifies the recognition of a need for non-technical skills training and the introduction and development of this training.

Programme Code


Programme Outline
  • Human Factors covering:

    • Fatigue and fatigue management
    • Stress and stress management
    • Information acquisition and processing
    • Automation.
  • Crew Resource Management covering:

    • Situational awareness
    • Leadership and managerial skills
    • Workload management
    • Communication
    • Cultural factors
    • Decision making.
  • Threat and Error management covering:

    • Errors
    • Violations
    • Active failures
    • Latent conditions.
  • Organisation Accident Prevention covering:

    • The swiss cheese model of accident causation
    • The error chain model of accident causation
    • Organisation culture and cultural change management
    • Just culture and occurrence reporting
    • Analysis of several organisational accidents.

Our introductory programme is supported by a bi annual re-currency programme.

Who Should Attend

The following personnel should attend:

  • Flight crew
  • Cabin crew
  • Engineering and maintenance personnel
  • Ground handling personnel
  • Dispatch personnel
  • Training and checking personnel
  • Operational management personnel.
Programme Outcome

At the end of this training programme, participants will have:

  • Become knowledgeable in all aspects of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management core elements.
  • Developed Human Factors/Crew Resource Management core element skills to enhance flight safety, by improving individual and team communication, decision making, situational awareness, leadership and threat and error management skills.
Qualification Certificate

Participants who have attended and successfully passed the full two days will be issued with an introduction to human factors and crew resource management achievement certificate and a schedule of the training programme content.