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We are presently seeking motivated, dedicated, flexible, patient, approachable, individuals to join our energetic cabin crew team. If you are a good communicator, committed to providing exceptional customer service and are interested in a career in the travel industry then we would like to hear from you.

Cabin Crew Applicants

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Name: Doug Turner

Position: Cabin Crew-Jetstar

State: QLD

Duration in role: 2-1/2 years


What kind of skills does a cabin crew role equip you with?

Customer service, time management, safety, communications, leadership

What career path can Cabin Crew open up for me?

Step into the Aviation industry, Management, Hospitality Industry.

What are some of the best parts of the job?

I work with different people every day. I enjoy meeting new staff as they begin their training as cabin crew. Talking to different passengers form various countries about their holidays and adventures during the flight

What are some of the biggest challenges and pressures you face as Cabin Crew?

Medical situations on board the aircraft. I was involved with a passenger who had a cardiac arrest, with the help of doctors and CPR, the customer was bought back to life. Five minutes later the customer walked to the back of the aircraft for further medical treatment.

Best advice to give cabin crew applicants?

Be ready for long days that start early in the morning. Always be positive and happy and you will have a great day. Learn something new every day. Great situational awareness is a plus for the job.

What other roles have you taken part in with Altara/Jetstar? Describe how you were appointed into this role and what it involves? E.g. tasks, responsibilities, purpose of role

I am the Gold Coast representative for the Roster Focus Group which assists crew and management making the roster work for both parties. The inflight trainer role involved an exam then an interview. Then I was sent on two day course to learn the role. The role consists of spending four days with a new crew member after they finish ground school. The four days is putting what they have learnt in the classroom into practice.The Cabin assessor role involves going to the assessment centres. I interview applicants and give some personal knowledge to them about what is required in the role.