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Specialises in providing quality recruitment, employment and people management services and advice.


Specialises in project management, airline/charter/flight training start up ops, SMS design/implementation and aviation documentation.


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Provides quality training services across a multitude of areas including, safety management, CRM, HF/NTS and SEP training.

What if I don’t have a driver’s licence? Can I still apply for the role?

The role requires an employee to work shift work and when on standby (at home on call for duty) report for duty (at the airport) within 90 minutes. Therefore due to certain airport public transport limitations it is sometimes necessary for applicants to have a drivers licence to enable them to get to work on time. This will be dependant upon the base in which you are applying for. If in doubt please check your local airport public transport options.

How long after my phone/video interview will the Assessment Centre day be held?

This depends on client’s requirements; it can take up to a few months. We will communicate details to you via email prior to the scheduled Assessment Centres.

What are the approximate costs associated with my application?

Below is a summary of the estimated costs you could incur when obtaining the requirements associated with applying for a Cabin Crew position. Note: You may already have some of these documents.

Passport AU$172.00 On your Assessment Day
Birth Certificate AU$48.00 On your Assessment Day
Senior First Aid Certificate AU$157.00 On your Assessment Day, if you already hold one
Responsible Service of Alcohol Statement of Attainment AU$88.00 On your Assessment Day, if you already hold one
Medical From AU$310.00 We will contact you to advise when this is to be completed
ASIC Application AU$240.00 We will contact you to advise when this is to be completed

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Note: All costs are listed in Australian dollars and were correct at the time of this publication. Some costs may be higher or lower and as such it is best to check with individual suppliers for accurate costs.

What are the minimum hours that I’ll be doing as a casual?

For casual roles, there are no minimum hours guaranteed.

Am I able to get a transfer to a different base once employed?

Transfers to other bases depends on the operational requirements of the client. It is advisable to apply for the base in which you are willing to live as transfers are not always available to other bases and even when they are available they can take a number of months to be approved.

Can I apply for more than one base?

You are free to do so as long as you are willing to relocate and can get to the requested airports within 90 minutes. However you may only go through the Assessment Centre once in 12 months.

I believe I am 163cm tall - the listed minimum height on your website - but I’m not 100% sure, what should I do?

The listed minimum height is enforced for occupational health and safety reasons. We recommend that before you apply you should accurately check your height (without shoes). Please note that every successful applicant through to a recruitment day will have their height measured at the Assessment Centre. If you are not within the required height range your application will automatically be terminated.

What is the process if I’d like to transition to full time cabin crew role?

When full time positions become available (either with Altara or with the client airline) a memorandum will be sent out for expressions of interest for current staff outlining minimum requirements and the application process.

What is an Assessment Centre?

An Assessment Centre is an invitation only recruitment day for applicants interested in applying for a role with our company to work for a specific client. Applicants attending an Assessment Centre are evaluated on different activities and tasks.
An Assessment Centre allows a candidate to learn more about the role they are applying for, the Altara client in which they are nominating to work on behalf of, and for the company to select candidates to progress through to the next stage of the application process.

What can I expect at an Assessment Centre?

Candidate’s documents will be checked to ensure that all requested documentation has been provided and also undertake a height test. Each candidate will then be required to go through various assessments including one on one interviews, activities and skills and knowledge testing. The assessment process may change from time to time at Altara’s discretion.

How long does the Assessment Centre go for?

It can be anywhere from 4-8 hours.

What is the dress code for the Assessment Centre?

Professional business attire, unless advised otherwise.

What should I do to prepare for the Assessment Centre?

We recommend that you complete your research on the company, the Altara client and the role.
Please remember to prepare all requested documents and bring these (including requested original documents) to the Assessment Centre. All original documents will be returned on the day. Please have the requested documents placed together with a paperclip only.
There are a large number of candidates to assess on any given day so this just enables the Assessment Centre day to flow smoothly and efficiently.

Why do I need to supply all of the documents before an Assessment Centre?

The documents requested are required for compliance purposes; it is preferable that applicants bring all requested documents to an assessment day to be sighted by our appointed assessors.

How many referees should I provide?

We require a minimum of 3 work references, of previous or current supervisors, managers or team leaders.

If I am successful at the Assessment Centre, when and how will I be contacted to notify me of the status of my application?

All applications are further evaluated after the Assessment Centre has completed. If an applicant is not deemed successful to proceed to reference check, they will be notified within a week. If your application proceeds to reference checking we will endeavour to advise you within 2 weeks.

What if I cannot make it to the Assessment Centre on the day?

Please email and state the reason why you couldn’t make it. If we can place you into the next available Assessment Centre we will coordinate this with you, otherwise we’ll keep your application on hold for our next round of Assessment Centres.

Am I able to obtain feedback as to why I wasn’t successful through the recruitment process?

Unfortunately due to large volumes of candidates and client policies we are unable to provide feedback.